Exploring Moralis — Web3 Authentication


My friend Ryan Hansen recently told me about Moralis, a new serverless platform for building Web3 Applications. This seemed like a good opportunity to try something new out!


It’s funny, Web 2.0 is just the “Web” these days. It’s hard to imagine a world without mobile internet, social media giants, and cloud computing. Just as Web 2.0 was emerging in the mid 2000s, a new paradigm shift is upon us.


  • JSON Store— every app needs a data store.
  • Websocket “subscriptions” — more and more UIs are initializing data over wss. Having this in the toolbelt is great.
  • Cloud functions — JS functions that can interact with the data store and do whatever you need.
  • File storage — upload files

Getting Started

To preface this, I work at Gatsby, Inc. So I’m going to use that to simplify the frontend toolchain. So shameless plug, you SHOULD use GatsbyJS for this. :)

gatsby new
yarn add moralis node-polyfill-webpack-plugin
yarn start

Moralis Backend

Moralis is in Beta, you can sign up for access at the bottom of the page at https://moralis.io/. Make sure you verify your email!!

Login Hooks

I’m going to create two hooks

Displaying User info

Let’s change the homepage to display the current user’s ETH Address and a button to logout.


I’m going to pause here and go enjoy my Saturday :). I am super impressed with how quickly an engineer can get setup with an arsenal of tools.

Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.