Abhi Aiyer
1 min readDec 30, 2015


First, I don’t believe there was an argument against the readability of Templating here. I agree, semantic templates make readability super nice for markup-oriented development. But that’s not the discussion taking place here.

Yes, React requires a solid knowledge of programming. That's why most people who start learning React become better JavaScript developers in doing so. You literally are using the JavaScript language directly to build a modular user interface.

“The question is, what about all the people that this leaves out?”

Anyone not willing to change what they are used to and learn something new. No matter how many times you say Templating is readable etc etc, that’s not how React was meant to be built nor is it going to be built that way. There are people who share the same ideals as you and have created side projects like:

to achieve the “templating” like experience. Use them as you wish.

This post was meant for the users who said screw my current framework, I’m going to try this React thing and are WILLING to set aside WHAT they do know and learn something they DON’T. They then hit this wall of translating what they’re used to into something they MUST do now.