BTS: #GraphQLRadio

What is GraphQL Radio?

GraphQL Radio aims to fill a gap in the GraphQL community by providing really informational content from notable library authors, companies, and core contributors. Our main goal was to help give valuable information from the most novice GraphQL user to the most seasoned vets.

Who are we?

It all started with this tweet:

The Checklist

Starting a podcast is tough, especially when you have your own lives. So it really comes down to a checklist. Let me break it down everything we had to do to even launch the podcast.

Record a Pilot

We wanted to record a proof of concept right away, and after talking with Jon Wong in the Apollo Slack Channel, I found out we both went to the same college in the same year AND I found out at that Coursera was integrating GraphQL into its large codebase. This was the perfect topic to prove our concept, especially since my company was just starting this same journey as well.

Ask for Feedback

Spread this recording everywhere, and get feedback. Correct it for the next show.

Digestable Content

Lastly we wanted to provide a website for people to come view the show and all its available formats:

What’s up next?

Well first, I encourage you to checkout our episode with Danielle Man. It was such an amazing conversation with a fellow engineer, I’m really happy with how it turned out.



Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.

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Abhi Aiyer

Abhi Aiyer

Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.