I am extremely excited to announce that today we are publicly releasing our new podcast, GraphQL Radio!

It’s been a great experience ideating the direction of this show, so I just want to give you all a little behind the scenes look at how we got here!

Before we begin…

What is GraphQL Radio?

Having experience with podcasts, and listening to so many, we knew that we wanted the format of the show to be simple: a technical conversation. We wanted to keep things casual, with room to grow into more of a technical presentation. You can imagine conversations can lead to code samples, which ultimately provides an amazing content experience for everyone watching!

Who are we?

Immediately Johannes Schickling, the CEO of Graphcool, reached out to me and had told me that Graphcool was interested in making a podcast as well. I had heard about Graphcool from all the different community projects they had released AND not to mention their management of several GraphQL social media resources. Partnering with Johannes and Graphcool seemed like the perfect idea to get this ball rolling.

The Checklist

Record a Pilot

Ask for Feedback

Digestable Content

You can view all our episodes here: www.graphqlradio.com

What’s up next?

You can view that episode here.

This next week we have a really nice treat for everyone, and something surely will make this show even more exciting. We are going to be having Lee Byron, Joe Savona, Jonas Helfer, Sashko Stubailo on the show to discuss the similarities and differences between Relay and Apollo.

I hope you guys enjoy the coming episodes, as always thank you so much for all the support! Excited to see where this goes!

Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.

Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.