Querying a Geographical Database with GraphQL

  1. I hate REST APIs
  2. I love GraphQL

Project Setup (annoying)

mkdir DopeGraphQLServercd DopeGraphQLServernpm init
  1. .eslintrc
  2. .flowconfig

Lets build a GraphQL Server

Sike! We’re just going to lean on my favorite GraphQL Server, the Apollo Server!

Schema Time

In GraphQL a “schema” represents the defined set of data the server supports. This is one of the best things about GraphQL, a schema enforced by a Type System. This way your clients will always have a guarantee on data in a specific format.

Resolver time


A connector is the piece of code that links a GraphQL server to a specific backend. In our case, the backend here is the GeoNames API.


Well that was fun and I hope was a great introduction to a simple alternative to Rest APIs. We went over the pieces you need to get started with GraphQL and built a cool little data source.

What’s next?

Let’s get some community PR’s to this repo, expanding the search options and then hook a UI up to it. I’ll probably use this repo for further posts so at the end of the day we have crazy amount of resolvers. Once we have a bunch of stuff hooked up, we’ll go over hosting options



Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.

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Abhi Aiyer

Abhi Aiyer

Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.