Thanks for the feedback Jay. You bring up some good points. I actually agree with you. If it were up to me, id build my app solely with Meteor methods and use Redux for my ultimate source of truth. But most Meteor apps use subscriptions today, and I wanted to bring the hybrid approach so people can realize that both Meteor and Redux can play well together. When Redux was first introduced to the Meteor world, there was such confusion about state management and where state should live, that I wanted everyone to have the best of both worlds if they so please!

The way I look at it, and I still maintain the belief that Meteor is akin to Relay in the sense that they manage a particular type of state, that from the server. And most of my colleagues that are in Relay/Redux environments separate their concerns in a hybrid approach. Relay provides “container” components, much like our createContainer today. So if I were to build an app with that style in Meteor, I would approach it in a hybrid way.

That being said, Apollo which is on the horizon, would further solidify this hybrid approach. As i would manage my Apollo state in Relay containers provided to us by Meteor.

Anyway, love the feedback! Thanks so much!



Software Engineer at Workpop, Inc.

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